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Donations are used to help those unable to afford the upkeep that their homes need. DLux Cleaning was started in 2009 by my Mom Dona Lawrence and myself Renee Lawrence. We started this business to work with senior citizens and offer them home cleaning for a reduced rate. Everyone deserves to live in a healthy enviroment, free of clutter as well as mold and mildew which forms quite quickly in even the cleanest of homes. 

One of the last things my Grandma said to me when I asked her if there was anything I could do for her to make her life easier was “HELP SOMEONE WHO NEEDS YOU AS MUCH AS YOU CAN”. At the end she was unable to move her entire body from the neck down due to a virus she contracted in the hospital after a fall which broke her shoulder and her hip. She basically helped raise me along with my parents and Grandpa. I was so fortunate to have four parents looking out for me and teaching me the ways of the world when there were some kids that didn’t have anyone. I wasn’t perfect as a child but I sure was loved and because of that, as an adult I have lots of love to give. I lost Grandpa in 2000, Grandma in 2009, my Dad in 2013 and finally my Mom was tragically taken in 2016. I occasionally think back on all that I had and what I have lost and feel sorry for myself, that I suppose makes me human. However, I quickly pick myself up and move forward and remember what my Grandma asked of me and that is why to this day I still help others anytime I can. Whether it’s by cleaning, shopping, taking them to appointments or even just visiting someone who has noone. Donations I receive will be used for helping others in whatever they need and as much as I can. I continue to run my business with that personal touch that Mom and I started back in 2009 but being without her has taken It’s toll. I recently had a revelation which is a story in itself but mainly I decided to keep moving forward and finish what we started. Hopefully grow big enough to change the lives of as many deserving people as I can and never forget where I came from. If you have extra and would like to donate I will make sure every is put to good use. EVERY DONATION OF $20 OR MORE GETS PUT IN A DRAWING FOR A FREE 2 HOUR HOUSE CLEANING OF YOUR CHOICE. Drawing will take place every 3rd month. Thank you for checking us out. Any questions feel free to call us. (248) 820-8257

DLux Donations to help seniors who can no longer keep their homes free from clutter, germs, mold & mildew and much more. Check out our Donations page for more Info.

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