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A-la-Carte Cleaning

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A-la-Carte Cleaning

A-la-Carte Cleaning is:

Housekeeping, maid services, a quick touch-up or all of the above. Whatever you call it, we are it. Above all, we are a residential house cleaning service that provides home owners with professional, quality, personalized house cleaning services.

Our staff is friendly and will listen to your specific needs. You may not need an entire house cleaning. Let’s say you just want the kitchen deep cleaned or just a couple bathrooms. Well, that is exactly what our DLux A-la-Carte Cleaning is. Choose any area of the home and we will clean & sanitize it for you.

There is a 2-hour minimum for all our cleanings so make a list or we can offer some ideas for you. Either way we’ll make sure to leave your home sparkling clean as well as sanitized so you can just relax and enjoy your home. You work hard so let DLux Cleaning work hard for you, for a change.

Base Cleaning+:


  • Clean small appliances inside & outside
    Including microwave, coffee machine, toaster
  • Clean range top and surface
  • Clean, wipe, and shine sink(s)
  • Clean surfaces of fridge, oven, and dishwasher
    Includes stainless steel, one of each
  • Clean all countertop surfaces
  • Spot clean of exterior cupboards oven & other kitchen furniture


  • Full cleaning of shower and bathtub
    Including walls and glass partitions
  • Clean, dry, and shine mirrors, sink(s), chrome and tiles
  • Scrub and sanitize toilet
  • Spot clean exterior of cabinets
  • Clean countertop surfaces


  • Dust exposed surfaces including baseboards
  • Wipe and sanitize touchpoints
    Including doorknobs, rails, and light switches
  • Clean, dry, and shine mirrors
  • Spot clean interior windows for obvious smudges
  • Vacuum carpets and/or sweep and mop floors
  • Empty waste-baskets and replace bags
    Please leave new clean bags and instruct cleaners where to leave waste


  • Change linen & make beds 
  • Remove all loose dust and dirt
  • Wipe down all surfaces and appliances
  • Clean and shine bathtubs and shower stalls
  • Vacuum or mop all floors and carpets
  • Spot wipe walls and baseboards

**Please leave clean sheets on bed


Book online or call us and instantly obtain personalized pricing specific to your unique cleaning needs. No more waiting for someone to call you back with a quote.

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image of clean kitchen
image of playroom
119 / Mo

Poodle Special (Basic Cleaning)

  • 2 Bedrooms Cleaning
  • Vacuuming
  • 2 Bathroom Cleaning
  • 1 Living Area Cleaning
139 / Mo

Pomeranian Special (Basic Cleaning)

  • 3 Bedrooms Cleaning
  • Vacuuming
  • 2 Bathroom Cleaning
  • 1 Living Area Cleaning
159 / Mo

Boxer Special (Basic Cleaning)

  • 4 Bedrooms Cleaning
  • Vacuuming
  • 2 Bathroom Cleaning
  • 1 Living Area Cleaning

Our Working Process

Schedule Online Or Call Us- Whatever Works For You

Get Real-Time Pricing

Book online 24/7 or call us. Instantly schedule a confirmed appointment using our real-time availabilities as seen on our online SMART booking pages. Then we show up.

Confirm Booking

We'll instantly confirm your booking by sending you a text and email reminder of the next step.

Let’s Enjoy

Sit back & relax. We'll do the cleaning & sanitizing for you and, at the same time, make the whole house smell lovely

Donations Help Me Help Others. If you know anyone that needs a bit of help please get in touch, We'll Do Everything We Can.

DLux Donations to help seniors who can no longer keep their homes free from clutter, germs, mold & mildew and much more. Check out our Donations page for more Info.

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